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Trees exist as a free and natural life form. Rooted deep into the earth, they extract rich nutrients to grow and flourish, providing the oxygen of our life and digesting our waste. Trees reflect the conditions of our present time. This new body of work is about presence, strength, growth and transformation, our connection to nature and the cycle of change.


A selection of this work is currently on display at Vessel Gallery.

Enchanted: Dawn and Dusk 2022

Blown Glass

Height: 70cm

Photo credits: Agata Pec

Louis Thompson Glass Trees Enchanted Composition.jpg
Louis Thompson Glass Trees Enchanted Trio.jpg
Louis Thompson Glass Enchanted Composition Dawn Dusk.jpg

Enchanted: Dawn and Dusk 2020

Blown Glass

Height: 63cm

Photo credits: Ester Segarra

Louis Thompson Glass Enchanted
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