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Louis Thompson and Hanne Enemark at Novo
In the Studio

Working with Danish artist Hanne Enemark during a series of demonstartions at the Novotny Glass Studio in Novy Bor, Czech Republic. One of the final pieces is now in the permanent collection of the International Glass Symposium at the museum.

Photo credit: Ondrej Pomykal

Louis Thompson and Cathryn Shilling Glas

Working here with British artist Cathryn Shilling on her amazing 'Cloaked Figures'. I work with Cathryn along with the team at Devereux and Huskie Glassworks to realise these innovtive and ambitious pieces. You can see a fantastic video of the whole process here on YouTube.

Soneva Hotshop.jpg

In 2018 I was invited to do a joint residency with James Devereux at the Soneva Art and Glass Studio on the Maldives. Using recycled bottle glass we were invited to develop new art works for an exhibition  held on the island.

Louis Thompson and Sophie Thomas Glass.j

Discussing ideas with Sophie Thomas about new art works for our ongoing collaboration, Broken Ocean. I particularly enjoy working with creatives from other disciplines.

Photo credit: Peter Clarkson

Louis Thompson and Hanne Enemark at Inte

In 2018 myself and Hanne Enemark were invited to participate in the International Glass Symposium in Novy Bor, Czech Republic. This is a triennial event where artists and designers are invited to experiment and create new artworks in one of the many glass factories in the area. Here we are working at the Novotny Glass Studio.

Louis Thompson and Hanne Enemark Glass M

In 2015 I was invited with Hanne Enemark to the prestigous Museum of Glass in Tacoma to undertake an intensive 5 day joint residency. We had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of artists there; Niko Dimitrijevis, Gabe Feenan and Sarah Gilbert to realise a collection of new and ambitious pieces. One of the artworks made during the residency is now in the permanent collection of the museum.

Louis Thompson and EmmaBaker Glass Boda

Glass Hack, Glass Tech was a project hosted by the Boda Glass Factory in Sweden. I was invited along with glass artist Emma Baker to make work for artists and designers in the Boda Factory Studio. It was an ambitious and challangeing project communicating with artists remotely via a live webcam while we executed the pieces in the hotshop. 

Louis Thompson Northlands Glass.jpg

It is always so much fun working with other glass makers in the hot shop. Here is a fantastic team working with myself and James Maskery for a collaborative piece we made during the Nexus Forum at North Lands Creative in 2019. 

Photo credit: Angus Mackay

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